The Market, Philanthropy, or the State: Who Supports Whom?

By Edith Brunette and Catherine Lavoie-Marcus
Text published in the publication
To Spoil the Party, to Set Our Joy Ablaze ↗ edited by Journée sans culture

“Autonomy is a good excuse. It’s oddly instructive to see how the state, like the advocates of its withdrawal, sprinkle this word here and there like an insecticide to stamp out the crime of freeloading. Suddenly the arts milieu needs to give proof that it is autonomous—by which one should hear financially self-sufficient, because autonomy here is certainly not about being autonomous in our (self-)management and organization.”

To Spoil the Party, to Set Our Joy Ablaze is a publication edited by the collective Journée sans culture, and multiple members of the art community of Québec.