Le Merle

Co-edited by Edith Brunette & François Lemieux
Vol. 4, nº 1
(in English and French)
 Fall 2017

Do institutions give us strength or do they deprive us of it? Should we interfere with them, bend them a little with our unruly hands or get rid of them? Are they the inescapable place of a democratic society, of this community that they claim to represent? For that to happen, perhaps it would be necessary first to break down some walls and to set up barricades elsewhere…

Coedited by Edith Brunette and François Lemieux, this issue of Le Merle brings together contributions by Amber Berson, Juliana Driever, Edd Schouten, Princesse Lamarche, Xander Matthew, Joshua Schwebel, and David Thomas. It was made with the help of Action indirecte, Suzanne Beth, Chris Gutierrez, Anne Lardeux and the Musée d’art contemporain des Laurentides.

Available on Le Merle website

Le Merle is a semiannual journal created by Montreal-based artist François Lemieux, combining texts by artists and writers interested in the political and its nuances between words and deeds.