Vases communicants

(Connected vessels)
With François Lemieux
Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery (Montreal)

Vases communicants (excerpts)
HD video, format 1:85:1, colour, Dolby 5.1 sound, 17 min.

Your body wends from points of light to black holes, in a constellation of hands that give and hands that take, Ariadne’s thread of those who cannot or will not turn back.
They restrain you, they contain you. The State handles the swarm, while the circulating industry holds back its spent balls to channel the precious semen, ruining your pleasure in its coffers of sheet metal.

Through the gestures and movements of bodies, a landscape is constructed, makeshift and evolving. It signals a world that is chequered with organizing and dividing infrastructures—borders, pipelines, surveillance networks—but that is also streaked with movement that can’t be captured: fugitive migration, occupation, exhaustion, accidents, escapes, rest. This is the movement of people, things and unruly materials, which leave traces behind and invite other leaps.
Presented as part of the exhibition
Going to, Making Do, Passing Just the Same ↗ at the Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery (Montreal), Winter 2021. 

This project was made with the invaluable support of the LUX residency program, funded by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and with the help of Vidéographe, Mainfilm, PRIM and Oboro art centers.

Distribution: Vidéographe

Published article about the project:
Online screening of “Vases Communicants” addresses environmental racism ↘
by Sareema Husain, The Link.

Scénario et réalisation:
Edith Brunette et François Lemieux
Cinématographie: Nicolas Villegas H.
Prise de son: Pablo Villegas Hernandez
Performeur.euse.s: Marine Gourit,
Stephen John Quinlan, Simon Grenier-Poirier,
Edith Brunette et François Lemieux
Assistance technique: Simon Grenier-Poirier
Narration: Anne Lardeux
Colorisation: Sylvain Cossette
Mixage sonore: Bruno Bélanger
Traduction: Jessica Moore