Esquisses pour une comédie musicale entrepreneuriale

(Sketches for an entrepreneurial musical comedy)
Dazibao (Montreal)

Esquisses pour une comédie musicale entrepreneuriale
Video documentation (excerpts)

Your body is thin and young, let it penetrate us as we penetrate you. Let us take your protrusions between our expert hands, let us eat your marrow, your fin, your calyxes. Our hands caress you and milk you, our invisible hands that no will guides, except to see you blossom with us, in us. Your freshness moves us, your purity excites us: a partnership is born!

An interdisciplinary and collective performance that features the contemporary artist as the protagonist of an entrepreneurial and managerial ethos against a backdrop of abusive relationships with the self and others. It uses the codes of the musical to play with the cognitive dissonance and political inconsistencies of the “creative economy”, in a context of ecological and community collapse. In a few words: how do we survive, and how close are we to collective psychosis?
A performance presented at 
Dazibao as part of the Sessions ↗ (Montreal).

Created with the collaboration and support of Vincent Brault, Morgane Duchesne Ramsay, Michael Eddy, Charlotte Horny, Anne Lardeux, Catherine Lavoie-Marcus, François Lemieux, Anne-Marie Ouellet, Josianne Poirier, Marie-Christine Quenneville et AM Trépanier.