Prescriptions pour un bon ordre social

(Prescriptions for a proper social order)


Prescriptions pour un bon ordre social is a series of industrially-produced engraved plastic signs similar to those found in institutional and commercial buildings. These are signs that, in everyday life, advise us to wash our hands, or forbid us to open a door under penalty of fine. But here the commands are of a different sort. Gleaned from advertisements or magazine articles, truncated and excised from their original context, their message is drained of clarity. Only the commanding tone remains.
Thanks to Jeanne Bourgoin, Briana Bray, Christian Bujold, David Manseau, Marion Prével, Marco Santos, and Vassili Stanajic Pétrovic for their help in posting the signs.

Published article about the project
Sorry about your wall ↘
by Patrice Loubier, Inter - Art Actuel.